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Hi! I’m Swati. I’m a freelance book editor, certified life coach, and romance author represented by Rachel Beck at Liza Dawson Associates.

And I think traditional publishing is a dumpster fire industry.

Don’t get me wrong—I love the boom of romance novels in traditional publishing, and how much more accessible the industry is to international authors in 2022. I live in India, and there’s no way I could have signed with a NYC-based literary agency two decades ago. (I mean, I would have been 6 years old then, so it wouldn’t have happened either way…)

But the publishing industry is still hard to break into—especially for marginalized authors like me. Which is why I started this newsletter, so I can help you navigate publishing and master the ONLY variables in your control in this dumpster fire industry: writing, editing, and querying the best version of your book.

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Love hard & dream big <3

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Swati Hegde | Author & Editor

I'm Swati, a romance author, fiction writing coach, and developmental editor helping authors plot, write & edit their manuscript so they can sign with the right literary agent or proudly self-publish.